Miscellaneous Services and Referrals

Our trucks don’t lie- “Birds, Bugs, Bats, Bears”; we are your last call company for wildlife control issues ranging from Formicidae up to Ursidae, with our only exceptions being legal restrictions (i.e. moles, protected species, etc.). Aside from that, Wayfare Pest Solutions prides itself on persistence, determination, outside-the-box thinking, and diverse sets of skill and knowledge. Our Service tabs cover our most common calls, but every case is unique, and we are here to answer questions via phone or email. Some of the services we may provide that are not listed include box elder bugs, stinkbugs, carpenter ants, termites, snakes, stoats, nutria, and catching animals loose in a living space. We also have an extensive referral list for clean-outs, ductwork, chimneys, and other specialized jobs outside our immediate scope.