How It All Started

Wayfare was started when I got back from Iraq working in military bases as a Vector Control specialist. At the time I wanted to bid on Govt. Contracts in theater as I saw the opportunity to streamline services to compete with giant international logistics companies. Thus the name “Wayfare” – we wanted to go with the soldiers into harm’s way & keep them healthy and safe from biological vectors. That goal has taken a back burner with running the local business, though is not entirely out of sight yet.

What Keeps Me Motivated

Innovation in the industry is what keeps me going. We are the company most likely to be referred by other pest companies in our region for jobs they can’t or won’t do – that often requires a Plan A-B-C-D & on approach, but we get it done. Primarily because all of our employees have a diverse skill set to bring on board.

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

I still want to work over seas again. Right now I am happy that my people are the most skilled, highly paid, & capable wildlife/pest management people in the region. I’d like to continue building on that, until there is no job in the business that we don’t have solutions for.


Mark Strazhari
Wayfare Pest Solutions

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Mark Strazhari


Mark has been working in the pest and wildlife control arena for over twenty years – both in the United States and overseas. In 2013, he and his wife Nik decided to start their own company and thus Wayfare Pest Solutions was born. Mark is very sensitive to the impacts we humans have on our environment, and this has influenced his choice of products as well as processes. Mark has an almost eidetic memory which makes him very knowledgeable about all his fields of study. You can ask him anything and he’ll be happy to talk to you about it, although we caution to choose your questions carefully — you just might find out way more than you wanted to know! When not working, Mark enjoys online gaming, role-playing and whiskey.

Nik Carey


Nik is our behind the scenes owner, taking care of all the little things that are major necessities — shopping for supplies, uniforms, mail and more. Nik’s favorite role is construction designer, building bat and owl boxes, hawk stands, crawl space doors and creatively finding ways to make things for which no after-market product can be found. When not in the middle of a pile of wood or metal, NIk can be found kayaking on the local waterways and hanging out with friends at role-playing events.


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