Interview: You’ll Love Mark Strazhari… Unless You’re a Pest!

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How long have you been working for Get Bats Out?

Only a few months now. I actually own my own pest-control business with my wife, Nik. (I’ve done it for the past nine years), and Michael came around talking about a partnership.

He liked me enough to give me this great opportunity, so here I am!

Mark Strazhari of Wayfare Pest Solutions and get Bats Out Feautured Image

Where are you based, and what areas do you serve?

I’m based in the Pacific Northwest, and I serve Washington state up to the Canadian border, Idaho, Oregon, and California.

In my pest-control business, I’ve done jobs overseas in some exotic places, and so has Nik.

Wayfare Pest Solutions & Bats Out - Nik E., holding a bat

Tell us about your family.

It’s just me and the wife right now. I met her in Scotland and fell in love with her. She loves the business as much as I do!


(Correction: Mark and Nik E. did not meet in Scotland. They travelled there to wed, like adventurous grownups.)

Get Bats Out Mark, holding a honeybee

Anything else you want to add?

When I got into my own business, it was because I wanted to solve any pest problem that someone might have.

Many competitors only do bugs or rodents, but won’t help you if it’s a raccoon, snake, or bear.

My company does it all, which is why a whopping 80 percent of our business actually comes from other pest-control companies that refer the hardest cases to us!

I also wanted to mention that I’m passionate about innovation and green technology in the pest-control industry. I’m experimenting with using natural methods like training ferrets to find bedbugs and breeding mushrooms that can kill carpenter ants!

The government wants pesticide to be a last resort, but too many pest-control companies start with pesticide. I think it’s great to be part of a company like Get Bats Out that encourages creativity in excluding bats humanely.

Thanks, Mark, for being a valued and highly skilled part of the Get Bats Out team!

Your local bat removal expert,
Michael Koski

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