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Sirex is a genus of wasps in the family Siricidae, the horntails or wood wasps. They inject eggs with fungal endosymbionts into wood. The fungus is contained in a mycangium which nourishes it with secretions, and in turn it digests wood for the wasp larva.

The genus includes economically important pests; S. noctilio, known simply as the ‘Sirex woodwasp’ is an invasive species, having spread widely across the world from its original range.

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Structural pests are bugs that want to eat your house. There are different requirements for dealing with them, so they are dealt with separately. Our Wayfare Pest Solutions specialist will evaluate the best plan of attack upon inspection of your property and/or site. Included in this category are a variety of microscopic pests & fungus such as dry rot that can damage your home if not dealt with.

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Wayfare Pest Solutions will take care of it for you without upsetting the balance of the ecosystem, posing a threat to your family, your pets, your neighbors pets, and other furry things that we like via our Full Contact IPA method . . . and get results. Don’t call us first. Call us LAST.

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